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My name is Eduardo, Game Designer with experience working for titles in PC, mobile and tabletop. I consider myself an experience-oriented designer and, as such, I always focus on creating the best experience for players by expanding my knowledge in all areas related to design or coherent, immersive experiences.


Putting the Player Experience first

This approach to Game Design and my background allows me to take jobs where both creative and analytical approaches are needed, such as systems design, gameplay and narrative. At the same time, I consider myself a well-rounded Designer able to maintain an excellent level of communication with the dev team, and able to come up with creative, analytical solutions and well-maintained documentation.

Examples of my work in systems design where I have been involved are:

  • Progression systems for player and characters in DirtyBomb
  • Combat and Character Skills system in Wincars Racer
  • Full-fledged tabletop RPG system where mobile is used instead of dice in Epiphany


Narrative design, too, are of utmost importance in my skill set, being myself a player who highly values games with strong emphasis on narrative and how this shapes the design and fuels the immersion and imagination. I have written two tabletop RPG’s (one of them already published) and also I am an active participant in narrative communities specialised in Narrative , from whom I work regularly with and have developed a strong, formal education on narrative.


Being very familiar with the creation and development of Games as Services in business models like F2P Freemium and others, I am able to work at a deep level with analytics tools (with a strong specialisation in DeltaDNA-like tools) and most importantly to incorporate monetisation and data-driven techniques into the design, being able to create intelligent clustering for analysis and segmented action, tracing player journeys through the game to learn more about them, working with event funnels to detect problems early on, work on solutions, and in general approach the design from all the perspectives that allow the Studio to offer the best experience and maintain objectives.

General designer and developer skills

In general, I try to never stop improving my knowledge in all these fields and I have worked in a ever growing list of projects from videogames to board games to published tabletop RPG’s.  I have found that the perspectives I gained with them are invaluable to my career, as the input from these fields allow me to incorporate unique knowledge and perspectives into my work. Also I consider myself well organized, optimistic, and have a diverse technical skill set with a strong focus on maintaining quality standards and good teamwork!

I am proficient in level editors, mostly Unreal Engine 3-4 and Unity, but coming from a technical background, I am able to catch up quickly with new or heavily-customised engines, create my own tools, and communicate with coders and technical people in a very effective way, a skill that has proved very useful in my experience. I am also able to use repositories (Perforce, Git and SVN are the ones I am used to) respecting the studio’s standards without creating hassle and resolving technical issues by myself if required.

About creating documentation, I use a strongly systematic approach and adapt to the studio’s guidelines; mainline maintaining a wiki like Confluence, and integrating the requirements into JIRA or any other task manager. I usually follow a workflow similar to this when creating documentation:

My passion as a player also allows me to always have a critic and valuable perspective on my work and the latest trends in the industry. I have been in the competitive worlds of games like Super Smash Bros. and know my fair bit of the latest competitive games such as League of Legends and general eSports. Some of the projects I have worked in involved careful understanding of the competitive player audience and their expectations.

Professional background

I have a Master’s Degree in Game Design and a Degree in Computer Sciences.  I have experience working in PC and mobile. My last released title is the AAA action game for Steam Dirty Bomb, by Splash Damage. Please take a look at my CV  and the Works section for more info.


Current projects

My current professional project is undisclosed at the moment.

However, as a designer I think my strong points include the aforementioned systems design, including progression, balance, narrative and content design, and also sustain a monetisation model in the current competitive environment.

In my work, I apply principles learned from the RPG genre, where I consider myself an specialist, having written several of them and even a Guide on how to create RPG’s (currently on publishing review).