Metroid: Dread (Nintendo Switch)

I have worked as a Game Designer in METROID DREAD, the 5th entry on the a classic Nintendo  franchise that birthed the Metroidvania genre.

I took part of the development of Metroid Dread with MERCURY STEAM ENTERTAINMENT. Metroid hadn’t launched a non-remake title in 19 years and this was a huge endeavour!

Metroid:Dread was awarded the GAME OF THE YEAR (GOTY) 2021 prize in the “Best Action Adventure Game” category!

Game Synopsis

After receiving a perplexing transmission from the enigmatic Planet ZDR, Samus embarks on a perilous journey that ensnares her within the clutches of an enigmatic adversary. This remote world stands besieged by savage extraterrestrial creatures and merciless automatons known as E.M.M.I. In this latest chapter of Samus’s side-scrolling odyssey, survival hinges on either becoming the hunter or falling prey within an intricate maze of adversaries.

Samus Aran, an interstellar bounty hunter raised by an ancient tribe, serves as your guide through the treacherous terrain of this hazardous realm. Navigating through the hostile environment requires agility and resourcefulness—vaulting over obstacles, slipping through confined passages, countering adversaries, and engaging in battles to carve a path through the planet’s perilous expanses. Amidst her numerous missions, Samus confronts a menace unparalleled in its dreadfulness on the forlorn expanse of ZDR.

Empower Samus as she embarks on her quest, unearthing hidden abilities that allow you to revisit previously explored regions, uncover concealed passages, and unravel the mysteries of the classic Metroid™ gameplay. Within the sprawling cartography of Planet ZDR, myriad secrets lie in wait, with newfound abilities offering the key to evading or annihilating the relentless E.M.M.I. robots that perpetuate the dread haunting this forsaken land.

Diverse gameplay modes cater to players of varying expertise levels and preferences. Novices can embark on the Rookie Mode, which bestows increased health recovery from items and reduces the damage inflicted by formidable adversaries, providing a gentler introduction to Samus’s world of sprinting and shooting. Meanwhile, seasoned bounty hunters seeking an authentic challenge can brave the formidable Dread Mode, unlocked upon completion of Hard Mode. Completing the game unlocks Boss Rush*, a relentless test of skill where Samus faces her most formidable foes in succession, vying for the swiftest completion time.

I was involved in Metroid Dread as a System Game Designer, where I worked in almost all aspects related to Combat Design, Skill Design, Enemy Design (including bossfights) and many other aspects of the game.

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