• Status: Completed ( Download here )
  • My work here: Game Designer, Programmer


I had a time where I was fascinated with Mystic Quest, Zelda and oldschool Action-RPG’s. Also, I had just recently discovered the Roguelike genre, and thousand of ideas for different features came to me every time I played one. I couldn’t stop thinking it would be awesome to have all these features, plus multiplayer to enjoy with some friends, in a game.

So I did the game I would love to play.

I spent many, many months making this game. Although a simple Action-RPG in its core, I expanded upon lots of features based on several ideas I had from playing roguelikes. Multiplayer, 21 different characters, random monsters, bosses and mini-bosses, items, spells, a nice faith system, achievements…

This is a non-commercial, personal project, so I took resources from old games and free assets around the net.