Finalist in Top 10 in Ludopolis 2013 Board Game Contest among more than 144 entries!

“A well thought game. The rules are simple enough, and easily understood. The symbols used are self explained.”

Review from Ludopolis 2013

Game Info

Genre: Strategy board game

Players: The game is recommended for 2-8 players, recommended age 9+.

Duration: 20-40 minutes.

Components: with cards and tokens (meeples).

Satrap is a card game with tokens for a very flexible number of players about making your little family prosper and surviving the struggling of an new founded town in a dangerous medieval environment. Players will try to conquer the town emphasizing a lot of different playstyles and interesting strategic choices through a very simple, agile gameplay which can be learned in very little time.


There is a dark region in the Middle Ages called Tracia. Your little family has just come with a few others in the hope to build a new town. Although there’s a lot of perils and dangers ahead, there’s also hope. If you can manage to build the city and keep your family together, there’s a big chance of becoming one of the powerful lords that reign the region.

But… will you be a peaceful leader or will you use whatever means to become a new satrap?


Game Rules (PDF)