My passion for videogame industry comes from child. I program in a bunch of languages and recently I’m developing interest in HTML5 and trying to inmmerse into smartphones because I think the future of the industry will tend a lot on that. Also is because smartphones are rescueing 2D games, which I absolutely like. Retro-pixel style has fascinated me a lot of time as you can see in my early works.

I have done works using Unity 3D , UDK, Game Maker, and Flash. I am currently working in two commercial projects and have many expectations in them. I also try to not miss any game industry-related event I can assist to.


My favourite videogames are Monkey Island (all the saga), Super Smash Bros (all the saga) and I must confess that I have a little special place in my gamer’s heart for Faster Than Light and Kingdom Hearts 🙂



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