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Wanderer Teaser Video


Name:  Wanderer                   Genre: RPG / collectible card game               1 player game (with 2 players VS mode)

My role in this project: Game Designer, Programmer and Community Manager

Game Info:

Wanderer is a roleplaying video game set in a dystopic future. You will take the role of a rover who wanders around a distant galaxy trying to settle a huge debt with an intergalactic mafia.

¡Fight your way through the outer space, discover amazing places and talk to the weirdest aliens!

Customize your card deck to fit your playstyle and fight in ship Vs ship battles!
Awesome battles, very different playstyles. Collect all battle cards!


Explore the galaxy, meet strange characters, unveil the deep story behind the universe…
Navigate through the galaxy map in order to jump to different planetary systems


Meet strange, eccentric characters


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