Wincars Racer

Wincars Racer (Steam)

MOBA-inspired F2P Racing Game! Manage your own race squad, increase your skills level, team up with friends and compete to win tournament prizes!

In Wincars Racer (previously known as Formula Wincars), I was involved as in gameplay, UI, monetization and content (Circuits, Cars and Drivers). Formula Wincars was a great project from a studio that grew from just a few people to triplicating its size in less than a year. Looking back, I learnt a lot from this game:

  • Monetization: Defining KPI’s, metrics analysis and how to make coherent, realistic forecasts based on data, pricing, and A/B Testing.
  • Gameplay: The core experience of a F2P is a fundamental point and the key to its success. The balance of cars, drivers and circuits was essential and it proved to be challenging but fun!
  • Circuits: Designing circuits involve careful crafting of a experience as well as communicating it to the rest of the team. The Game Design Document is just a tool for this purpose, but not the only one. I convinced that a good designer must have as his or her top priority maintaining the vision, and communicating it effectively to the team.
  • Cars and Drivers: As part of the experience, the Cars and Drivers are the most immediate items the player cares about. It’s not only about a clever monetization, but only about knowing that players should be able to personalize, to make “theirs” the cars and the drivers, and thus making the game more engaging and overall better.
  • User Experience/Interface: According to the best UX/UI designers out there, Interface design is a process which need, by nature, a lot of iteration to nail it. I can only agree, but also I have learnt that UX design bring a new perspective every time we see a player or a tester using it: we get to know a bit more our game. UX is a field I just love and thus I have learnt not only about its design principlies, but I have spent a long time learning frontend programming so I can get better. In all my works I have been working on, UX/UI is a part that I focus constantly on.
  • Player Feedback: Many times games have just not a good feedback flow. A good game comes from constant polishing and perfection. Knowing how to incorporate feedback, understand the key motives of why players are behaving (or not behaving) a certain way, and translating it into concrete, feasible  actions, is a must for a designer. In F2P games, this is even more important, because Retention depends a lot on it.

DragonJam Studios was a great part of my professional life. All members of the teams were awesome, and they loved their game. That was felt every moment, in every circumstance. I am proud of having being part of DragonJam Studios and help making Formula Wincars a reality. Thanks guys!

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