Calm Night of Snowfall

Name:  Calm Night of Snowfall         Genre:  Survival Horror – Roguelike

My role in this project: Lead Designer

Game Info:

Calm Night of Snowfall Crowdfunding Teaser

Calm Night of Snowfall is a first person Survival Horror with strong Roguelike influences about your survival in a huge, deserted city that hates you. Every time you play, the city is randomly generated, making each game very different and unique.


This is a strange city. Because each time you play, the city is completely different.

The city of Calm Night of Snowfall is randomly generated each time you play. You wake up amnesic in a strange room and, in order to escape from the city, you must recover some keys that will unlock the exit.
During your search, you will learn much more about yourself and your relationship with the city.


Snow and cold are the center of Calm Night of Snowfall. Surviving the cold is your main concern: while you explore, you must be cautious with the extremely low temperatures in the streets and look for shelter in the abandoned buildings.

In there, you may find supplies and heat sources, but if you stay for too long in the dark, the City will react against you with horrible nightmares.

  The game focus on desperate, almost-lethal situations, primal fear and agony due to your scarce resources, and the horror of being unarmed and exposed in a cold, hostile city… but amazingly full of possibilities.

The random generation of buildings, items and locations will make every time you play special and unique, and will keep you engaged in order to unveil the secrets of the character and find clues about the city and the mythos that are very much alive in Calm Night of Snowfall.



The game is currently in its crowdfunding stage with the spanish crowdfunding platform IdeaRapida . If you like the game, please support us and thank you very much!

Link to the crowdfunding page:

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