Krongar the Invincible's "Take your kids to work" Day!!!

KRONGAR THE INVINCIBLE’S “Take your kids to work” DAY!!!

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Our project for International GameJam 2013 . Made in 72 hours.


Genre: Platformer                 1 Player mode

Platform: PC

Game Info:

This is a tale about good parenting.

Krongar The Invincible is the most powerful Level 100 Hero, feared and revered all across the world.But today his cute little children are going with him to work! As Krongar, you must guide your little children through deadly dungeons killing monsters and levelleling up from lvl. 1 to 100! Decide their job (Warrior, Priest, Wizard, Ranger…), combine their skills, level up, have them help you destroy enemies and help them become True Heroes Like Their Awesome DAD!!! The game is playable both with keyboard or gamepad