Race Kings

Race Kings (Mobile)

Epic Drift Racing game for iOS and Android. Go head-to-head against live opponents.


Race Kings is a 3D driving game where you compete in short races where the name of the game is drifting.

The races in Race Kings are very short, most barely a minute long. In the majority of races, you have to complete two laps, drifting as much as you can to beat your opponent. While drifting helps you win, it’s also important to use the money you earn to improve your car. You can buy all kinds of improvements for the engine, wheels, brakes, steering wheel, and more.

Race Kings is a fun and fast-paced driving game with simple gameplay and absolutely specular graphics. From the options menu, you can adjust the graphics, choosing between different types of quality and resolution.

I worked in multiple aspects of Race Kings, with a focus on System Design (car design, stats balance, etc.) and player progression.

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