Realm of the Mad God (Steam)

This is my role as a Lead Game Designer in REALM OF THE MAD GOD, a unique Bullet Hell / MMORPG game with a big, dedicated playerbase.

“Realm of the Mad God” is the first-ever Free to Play MMO with a bullet hell style! This game is a full, expanded remake of the classic hit MMO game back in the Flash era. Its playerbase is big, and its unique “Lo-Fi” pixel art style is a huge part of its charm!

Realm of the Mad God is property of Deca Games, members of the Embracer Group.

Join forces with dozens of players and battle your way through the Realm of the Mad God, Oryx. With its retro 8-bit aesthetic, Realm represents an evolution of the traditional MMO game.

Offering a dozen classes and hundreds of items to discover, Realm is easy to pick up but challenging to master. Players can spend just 5 minutes or hours immersed in Realm because there’s no need to install or download anything.

Key Features:

  • Action-Packed Combat: No turn-based battles here, just skillful running and shooting.
  • Epic Boss Battles: Navigate through frenzied bullet storms unleashed by grotesque demons.
  • True Cooperative Gameplay: The entire experience is shared, and victory is achieved through teamwork.
  • Stunning 8-Bit Art: A direct retro throwback to the era of 8-bit gaming.
  • Over a Dozen Unique Character Classes: Play as a formidable wizard, a cunning mystic, or a resilient warrior.
  • Loot Galore: Hundreds of weapons, potions, armor, and rings await your discovery.
  • Permanent Death: Survival matters in Realm. Earn fame if you live long enough and slay many monsters.
  • Battlepass and seasonal progression: Every season is different, come and see how far you can get!

I assumed the Lead Game Designer role in ROTMG, in charge of all aspects of gameplay, combat design, new character classes, enemy design, Progression systems and much more. As part of my leadership responsibilities, I managed the Design Team and provided mentorship, direction and was heavily involved in the discussions for the vision of the game with the Product Owners and stakeholders.

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