Undisclosed Game

Undisclosed AAA title (Steam, console)

3rd person AAA action game, based on a Hollywood fantasy franchise. The production is undisclosed.

Note: This project’s status is undisclosed so I cannot provide further information about it.

It is possible however to highlight my role as a Senior Game Designer in this project:

* Intended for Steam and main consoles at the time.
* I was in charge of 3Cs (Character, Camera and Control).
* Also, I was responsible for the main Progression Systems of the game, which would draw strong elements from the RPG genre.

The project had very close ties with a very famous transmedia universe and thus we had to work closely with the licenseholders, following the canon of the series and ensuring everything was well-tied to their other products, which was a challenging but very satisfactory experience.

Due to management changes the project was postponed indefinitely and later cancelled.

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